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  1. L5U1B1: WELCOME! ☺  This site promotes & pioneers Social-technology™ based on science & love (Rules for Love so Love Rules™ and Humans, Play-God wisely™). This site is for anyone caring about romance, friends, love, family, community, getting along, playing & working together, social & work relations & relationships, values/morals/ethics/religion, and social issues between life-forms and especially between us humans! In fact, per "What's life worth without others to truly share it with?", this site encourages us to take our social aspects (indeed our Social-technology™) more seriously than we take our ever-dominating technical-technology! This site is “created & owned & copyright © by DestinyArchitect with all rights reserved, including no copying & no printing unless noted, except: • the latest version is available for free for public reading & comment at any time” at http://LoveRules.Info.
  2. L5N5LD: What are these codes such as “L5N5LD” on (the right-top of) this paragraph? They are my invention, part of next-generation Wikipedia I'm architecting. Each is an ID to uniquely & permanently name, point-to, link-to, find, and timestamp most anything:
    1. L5TM6L: Each gives a unique & permanent ID to most-every paragraph, section, & document. And many are also an HTML-anchor to the item (to the start of that item within the web page it's on); for instance, the URL ending with “#L5TM6L” (click it!) sends you this paragraph.
      L6SVUW: How to find an ID, say if a link containing an ID is broken: Find the ID (it could be in the name of the reference/link as “L5TM6L: ...”, or in the URL bookmark as “...#L5TM6L”, or in the URL filename as “.../l5tm6l.html...”) then just search for it (in these cases, search for “L5TM6L”): if you know it's a place is within the present web page, use your web browser's find (Ctrl-F); otherwise use say Google Search (yes, you can find the item even if it has been renamed and/or moved to another website!).
    2. L5TM9Q: Each is also a timestamp, encoding the date & time of the ID's creation which typically tells when its item was first spoken/written/created: I will be publishing a decoder.


[LESUZ6: >id]Revision TBA -2011.01.09pst1923 (~50% complete 1st version):
  1. L4N2ZW: Document Participants, Confidentiality, & Topics

    --currently (who's involved & their role(s) & access, plus topics) as summarized from the Document's History
    KL582LName of individual else groupTheir every relevant (Org & Title & Address)Their every (Document Role & its date range if not "always")
    KKUMN9anyonepublic”no-access (confidential info)
    KKUMIS--owner's Editor
    KKUMHSDestinyArchitect--owner & initial author
    Google Writely document template
  2. [>pic]LESD9L:Document Overview

    —Read for a quick full-picture of what's here
  3. [KVV161:How to use this document template

    1. LESP4W: See "why LES2K3" below
    2. LESP4F: See Writing Docs in ((post template)KKUJWXV instructions & history)KVUYWG
  4. KVV0OX: Sample item 1

    1. KVUZXE: Sample sub item

      1. KVUZXP: Sample sub-sub item

      2. >your body sections]

  5. KVA16I: Document's History in order

    1. LES7X4: The confidentiality: As all documents would be safest to start and may forever exist, this document is (secret and copyright with all rights reserved) except as its owner(s) later state otherwise in writing (below else in another document or site).”
    2. LES1MY:the default (speaker, doer, & owner): DestinyArchitect
    3. LES1VQ: formed: LES1K6:=20110911pst0338 Writely doc LES1K6 https://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc6vsxdw_375krmkhzd7
      1. LES2JF: how: LEST74: "Writely->Make as copy->copy collaborators" on the source doc(s):
        1. LESJGC:Writely doc KUJWXV http://docs.google.com/Edit?docid=0AX07OJ9W4BnBZGM2dnN4ZHdfMjQ3Nzk2Mzd4Zms” “Revision 1238 -2010.08.07pst1118 (~99% complete 5th version)”
          1. LES4ML: Notes about this (included here because that it's format doesn't allow documentation of it self in the same document)
            1. LES2Z5:BIG CON: it takes a lot of time (about 5 minutes & if you know what you're doing) to create a new copy (a new blank document to put something): I think it will take take programming to fix this which doesn't seem easy to do so in Writely.
            2. LES55R: History section
              1. LES4OS:CON: NO to: allow a template to document its evolution in itself.
              2. LES31O:CON: It's not all linear chronological history, but has seeming status info as q[2009.12.12pst1005 I DestinyArchitect “created & own this document”]. Currently it's only strictly linear if we ignore the status.
              3. LES39N: Small CON:  The paragraph giving the document ID is not the one displaying the document ID
              4. LES36V: Small CON: I don't like the way one replaces the history on the old document to make the new history; it's not the way I would like to think of things.
      2. LES2K3:why:
        LEST8G: the source doc has drawbacks that I'm  fixing here
    4. LESKLX:confidentiality addendum: all having this document must abide by LoveRules.Info ownership & access rights (on LoveRules.Info About)
    5. KVA579:the Published-at URL: http://Blogger.LoveRules.Info/TBA
    6. KVA3WV:The Title: LESV7H: Writely doc template LESUZ6.
    7. LES2XW: most notably:
      1. LES4WG: I'd like to fix LES2Z5 but don't see how for reasons it mentions.
      2. LESPE5: The "Document Participants, Confidentiality, & Topics" section
        1. LESPLS: Note this can be removed for case where the documents are all public read (as on LoveRules) or perhaps where it is all private.
        2. LESPJ5: I'm making this the 1st section instead of the 2nd as one must be aware of the present confidentiality of the document before talking about its contents.
      3. LESPQL: The "Document Overview" Section
        1. LESPRO: Made this it own section, primarily since it's no longer in the beginning so needs a wrapper.
      4. LES5B2: The "Document History" Section:
        1. LESJ4D: how done
          1. LESI0Z: Preface:
            1. LESI46: Entries in the history section are in the order of when the situation/property they describe started.

            2. LESI46: Each entry
              1. LESI7H: begins with a code (as "LESI7H" for this paragraph) of type L5N5LD which says or should say:
                1. the ID gives the date & time in which the first version/copy of this entry was first inserted.
                2. LESK90: If the entry has no copy, then the ID gives globally ID for the entry plus (by default) the date in which that entry was first inserted.
                3. LESKDB: If the entry has copies, (but not on that same page, which is never done) then the ID gives a unique ID for that entry within that page but the date in which the this particular entry was created is unknown unless it is the original copy.
              2. LESIFB: The start date of the situation described by the entry is (consider in order):
                1. LESJZF: if the entry begins with an explicit date (optionally proceeded by say "Starting " or "On ") that that date
                2. LESK01: the entry's start date
              3. LESJ13: An explicit date can be:
                1. LESKV7: an absolute date (as "20110109pst0937"="LESKYI")
                2. LESKVO: a date relative to the entry date as "~5days ago" = "about 5 days ago"
                3. LESKWY: a date relative to the entry position as notably "Next"
          2. LES69T: include a section for each relevant document history (note we need to include histories of immediate source documents)
            1. LES6A7:Every document history section
              1. LES7AO: is of the format used in this document (of section LES1K6) but of course with values changed to the appropriate values
                1. LES78O:Implied by this, q[Default speaker, doer, & owner: ] and q[formed] can be changed by subsequent history entries, such as q[default owner: Jun]
              2. LES6DK: This solves LES39N
            2. LES6FY: The history of source document(s)
              1. LES6HS: comes before the history of of the present document.
              2. is automatically copied to the new document (since the new doc is a copy) but then truncated to the minimal:
                1. LES3JV: It's particular history truncated to just
                  1. LES3PU: it's permanent URL (which should be at its start) plus
                  2. LES5WQ: comments on the source if these can't be included in the source
                  3. LES3R1:the revision # & date of which this is a copy
                    1. LES3ZG: Unfortunately Writely doesn't maintain else show the link to where a document was copied from (as say Subversion does) so
                      1. LES41E: it heavily helps to maintain it manually. If this info is provided as it should (as put it there before making a copy); and if this a copy of the present version, then that should be marked at the end of its history.
                      2. LES428: If this info is NOT provided & copied, it could be computed (by seeing for version 0 of the dest document exactly matches version x of document y) but cur
                        rently Writely provides no automated facilities to make this very expensive manual computation.
                  4. LES47W:the source's source history is completely deleted from the copy as that can be easily seen by checking the URL to the source.
        2. LESIT9: why/features:
        3. LES5BY:Solves all problems mentioned in LES55R, including:
          1. LES4FO: doesn't mix in status so now ALL strictly linear


LEL8AM: Revision TBA -2011.01.05pst2223 (~1% complete 1st version):
header info
Contents —Read for a quick full-picture of what's here

  1. KVA16I: Document Background & History

    1. LEL86X: 2011.01.05pst2218 I DestinyArchitect “created & own this document”.

      1. L2MXTP:Confidentiality & Copyright: This document is copyrighted & could be confidential; specifically the document's owner(s) require all having this document abide by LoveRules.Info ownership & access rights (on LoveRules.Info About) with no exceptions unless its owner(s) state otherwise below or here:” no exceptions now.
      2. KVA3T1:Initially formed by: copying as directedWritely doc KUJWXV http://docs.google.com/Edit?docid=0AX07OJ9W4BnBZGM2dnN4ZHdfMjQ3Nzk2Mzd4ZmsRevision 1238 -2010.08.07pst1118 (~99% complete 5th version):” to new Writely doc KUJWXV http://docs.google.com/Edit?docid=0AX07OJ9W4BnBZGM2dnN4ZHdfMjQ3Nzk2Mzd4Zms.
      3. KVA3VQ:Motive at creation:” From actually having received the email mentioned above dated "Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 1:04 PM"
      4. KVA3WV:Title at creation: desiring name”[LoveRules.Info post template]; “renamed to” title[(LoveRules.Info post template)KUJWXV].
      5. KVA579:Initially Published-at URL:” http://Blogger.LoveRules.Info/2009/12/kujwxv.html.
    2. .

False accusations? I'm their magnet! LEHWH3

LEHWH3: Revision 114 -2011.01.10pst0013 (100% complete 1st version):

  1. LEHX8G: Why would someone falsely accuse me? --Make negative claims or suggestions against me? To share a bit of myself, I get it all the time --so please expect to hear false accusations & negative suggestions against me.  As I'm certainly not everyone's favorite.
    But why?
    1. LEHX90: First off I'm an innovator & pioneer (in fact I live to innovate), including socially, but not everyone understands nor likes improvements, especially socially, nor improvements for everyone especially when it might seemingly immediately lessen them.
    2. LEHX9A: Second I'm whistle-blower & I speak-up. Indeed  I'm a person who tries to make things right, even if it doesn't benefit me personally, indeed even if it costs me a great deal personally. So while sometimes a person may do "Hear no evil, see no evil", I open my eyes wide if something seems wrong and have a knack for stumbling upon & ferreting out hidden hurting & especially hypocrites, which wrongdoers really don't like --yes, often to their surprise, even if I get quite hurt in the process  As I live by the rule that the only sin there is see sin but not appropriately try to correct it. And I am a soldier (indeed literally) so willing to sacrifice myself others may be be improved.
    3. LEHX9P: But what many don't realize is I also live by the rule of "love all" (so "never hate anybody" and in fact "show top appropriate respect to everybody" and indeed, hardest of all, "love thy enemy"), which then would include for me loving & respecting even those who greatly upset me (or worse) or can't stand or even hate me. Consequently, while still seeing corrective action is taken, I will still just as much protect those who upset & hurt & work against me (including protecting their privacy & dignity), much like the ACLU defending the rights of the KKK --it's not ironic, it's actually the only way to be fully consistent.
  2. LEHXBZ: Related articles:
    1. LEHXCK:Expect pioneers to have enemies; UUYA! &I are no exception L6ANYN

  3. KVA16I: Document Background & History

    1. LEHWLD: 2011.10.04pst0315 I DestinyArchitect “created & own this document”.

      1. L2MXTP:Confidentiality & Copyright: This document is copyrighted & could be confidential; specifically the document's owner(s) require all having this document abide by LoveRules.Info ownership & access rights (on LoveRules.Info About) with no exceptions unless its owner(s) state otherwise below or here:” no exceptions now.
      2. KVA3T1:Initially formed by: copying as directedWritely doc KUJWXV http://docs.google.com/Edit?docid=0AX07OJ9W4BnBZGM2dnN4ZHdfMjQ3Nzk2Mzd4ZmsRevision 1238 -2010.08.07pst1118 (~99% complete 5th version)” to new Writely doc LEHWLD https://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc6vsxdw_370d6cxjnc2.
      3. KVA3VQ:Motive at creation:” I originally wrote this for use within a heads-up email of subject "In OC-Good-Life, apparent notable mis-treatment of an invited member by an event host".
      4. KVA3WV:Title at creation: desiring name”[False accusations? I'm their magnet! LEHWH3]; “renamed to” title[False accusations? I'm their magnet! LEHWH3].
      5. KVA579:Initially Published-at URL:” http://Blogger.LoveRules.Info/2011/01/lehwld.html.