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INTRO & CONTENTS of LoveRules.Info KQ32CS

Revision 745 -2010.08.07pst0319:  KSKDPQ: Intro.  This site is all about finding & sharing Rules insuring LOVE so love RULES!
–enacting comprehensive SOCIAL-Technology™ for today's “Brave New World”. 

KUIL85:  We humans are exponentially playing God with modern technologies & exponentially-increasing constant change; so we best Play God wisely™ and that means coming-up-with and catching-up-with matching SOCIAL-Technology™ to keep up with our explosion of TECHNICAL-technology everywhere.

  But, just to start with religion (which -at least historically- was our social rulebook), our major world religions haven't had an update to their religious scripts in over 2000 years (And they think they should never update, ostensibly being more sacred than even the US Constitution - perhaps why they increasingly seem our social rulebook historically). So think “Christianity & Islam version 2000” to keep up with Windows 2000 --Oops, I'm sorry: we haven't even gotten out of the first decade and year 2000 is already too late: Windows is now 3 versions past that!

KUIM55: The big picture is, in the last 100 years, and especially since the advent of the world-wide-web, we're experiencing exponential explosion of technical technologies which are radically changing the way we communicate and operate on a daily basis and even the way we socialize: Facebook, cell phones, call screening, spam, enormous metropolises, automobiles, nuclear power, instant world communications, condoms, contraception, and so much more: instead of new technologies being in use for decades if not centuries, now we just pray our phone won't get outdated before our two year contract is up!
  1. KUIN54:  These are radically changing the way we communicate & socialize:
    * It's become commonplace for young adults frequently Facebook,  and to spend more time on Facebook than actually facing the people which they so interestedly look! -WTF?!
    * And last week I went dancing with a lady who couldn't stop texting on her phone while we were dancing!
    Indeed, do to this technology, you can now can have sex with your monogamous husband while sexting to another man -- is that cheating?!
    * And let us not forget in 1980s it was impossible to screen telephone calls, and anyone in your family could answer it, and maybe that wasn't a bad thing --or is there still among us now someone who hasn't experienced their messages rudely not being returned, plus one else to oversee that rudeness and call the person on that?!
  2. KUINB0: And let us not forget "the love glove", as the problems get more serious.  Contraceptives & the condom gave us "free love", something that no life-form has had since the invention of sex 1 billion years ago.  And for the first about 50 years everything seemed improved (sometimes effects can take a generation or two).  But did you notice now broken families are the norm in America? And the majorities of marriages in divorce?  And as of about 2006 the typical adult in America is now NOT married?  All of that is true.  And, no, I'm not saying "down with the love glove" --it's not that simple, plus there are some secondary factors-- but we do need to fix this.  As you can't can't humanely introduce widespread technologies without expecting & introducing adjustments for their social consequences.
  3. KUINUP:  And it gets even more frightening.  Increasingly some of these things could destroy the planet: nuclear power led to nuclear bombs (actually first) giving us (at one point) the ability to kill every person on the planet about 5x over;  and now in around 2003 we're just wising up that all our cars and other fossil fuel users could trash our earth (though global warming and more) and maybe even kill much of us off, all before the century is over.
KUIO2D: And the above is just a sampling of the changes we've done. All told, I honestly don't think we humans are going to make it thru this present century (to 2100) --that is, without say at least 30% of us being unpleasantly killed (and by each other)-- unless most all of us start wisening up that these technologies we are now inventing like the latest fashion statement, plus other changes we are increasingly expecting of ourselves, are very dangerous in subtle especially-social ways we often don't immediately see, so we need to make adjustments.  These changes quietly & radically change our culture & how-we-interact in regularly dangerous ways.

KUIOWG:  But being a lover of technology, I am not saying to rid these new fangled-dangled inventions (and say we revert to being Amish). In fact I love technology so much it is what drives me: more than anything, I like doing the inventing (one might say "innovation" is my middle name) --in fact probably to a fault: the Amish have some point.

KUIPGR: But what I AM driven to do is, um, not entirely surprising: come up with MORE technology, “comprehensive SOCIAL-Technology™ for today's “Brave New World”  And I encourage everyone else so motivated to join in.  And About this site tells more on how. 
In short: -Play God but do it wisely.:-)

KQ5Z2W:  Contents (aka "site map")
  1. KQ5IRC:  About this site
    1. KQ5IAP:  Intro & Contents --this document
    2. KUFC6U:  Key theme: Don't casually mess w/ Mother Nature; accept & flow w/ her.

  2. KSKCA8: Good Stuff on Romance & Sex:
    1. KU1TOP: Romance-friends™ - romance form for the 21st century (~85% complete)
      1. KQ3UIF: The War of the Sexes" is BRED-in for a billion years! (~70% rebuilt) so
      2. we need modern solutions as notably romance actually based on friendship
        (see KQ3UJO: Friends-OVER-Romance!™ : "If you wouldn't do it to your friend, don't do it to your romance" (under reconstruction))
      3. KU7ZWA: "The" Jealousy (romantic selfishness) Gene in "everyone": anti-love, viral, & main cause of the-war-of-the-sexes.
    2. KUCJSL: Sex ONLY SAFELY: what all does "SAFELY" mean? KUCJ9X
    3. KU1XQ1:  Secondary Good Stuff:
      1. KUDAT3: One's Legal License for Sexual Activity –it's about time!
      2. KUF64F: RELIGIONS do marriage; STATES should only do civil unions!
      3. KU1SYK:  Ubiquitous Nudism is likely healthy & somewhat-important (under construction)

  3. Good Stuff on Religion
    1. KSKCDT: Unitarian Universalist YOUNG ADULTS! International (see especially the 1st chapter in Orange County,CA,US)
    2. KUH869: DO GOD(s) EXIST? Once clear-headed,probably best2think"No"
  4. KTR8YU:  Social Events
    1. KTR8ZU:  Good Parties
      1. KTR90R:  Meetup.com/BeyondBasecamp Car Camping Parties
  5. KSKCYL:  Still to Come:
    1. KQ5YYB:  three books worth of information from DestinyArchitect
    2. KQ5Z6Q:  and your posts, too!

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